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Dear visitors,
No matter whether you are visiting this website by chance or on purpose, you have arrived at the Web pages dedicated to the Cimbalom Band Technik Ostrava (until 1963 known by the name of "Cimbalom Band of the Mining University"). This band, whose beginnings date back to 1958, has become during its active time a generally acknowledged phenomenon at amateur folklore activities in Moravia and beyond - this achievement is credited especially to the bandleader and founding member, Mr. Jan Rokyta. Thanks to the combination of hard work, determination and a great deal of effort, together with original arrangements and musical material of high quality, within a few months (1st place in the main round in the competition of "Creative Youth" - May 1959), or more precisely a few years (1st place in the folklore festival in the town of Strážnice 1961 and 1964) the band worked up to become one of the best ensembles in our country and up to these days (1st place Foskar 2003 - Strážnice) has retained its typical STYLE and SOUND, very easy to identify.

The biggest expansion regarding interpretational skills and repertory of the band occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, after the band had been selected to act as the permanent musical ensemble for the interpretation of folk music in the Radio in the town of Ostrava (they continued the tradition in succession to the bands called Ondraš and Dymák). The members of the band devoted themselves above all to also making original musical arrangements of folk music as well as partly of artificial music. Together with a whole range of solo singers and players more than 600 radio recordings have been made and countless sound media have been released - starting from LPs and singles up to CDs.

These pages are dedicated to the history records in particular - i.e. to the records concerning all the above-mentioned events. On the basis of the obtained fragments of history (photos, articles, other records) together with information supplied by surviving contemporaries we are aiming at documenting the key moments in this band's existence. We remember all those who have closely cooperated with the band or those who have at least touched the band's life - as well as THOSE who are no longer with us. To be honest, the documentary texts are only sketchy due to the fact that we have always preferred to make music rather than update records in the chronicle...

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