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A gathering of dulcimer music at DK Poklad in Ostrava
Sraz CM 2023
We are saddened to receive the news that our teammate and friend Jura Crha has left us. Jura was a long-time member of CM TECHNIK and his musicianship - delivery and distinctive tone - will continue to be a role model for future generations...
It may be hard to believe, but even after 2 years after the end of TECHNIK music, "we" will release another CD - "old-new". It is a supplemented/renovated reissue of the LP From Anna Kutějová's song treasury:


A new CD in a new guise, with a new name and cover. By coincidence of the historical circumstances of the development of audio technology, this is the last record from the vinyl era, and some images have not yet been released in the digital age. Now their time has come. My brother Jan and I enriched the selection with other nice "Ash pieces" and it is very nice - another in a series of archival profile - CDs of music by Technik, Jarmila and Jožka. I believe or I'm sure you will be satisfied too.
Photos from the ceremonial unveiling of the commemorative plaque to Jan Rokyt have been added to the Gallery + Discography has been added with the CD title Živá píszní Strážnice 1946-1995 (CD 1994).
Am 21.6. Around 17:00 Uhr fand in Valašské Slavín im Valašské-Freilichtmuseum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm a feierliche Unthüllung der Gedenktafel für Jan Rokyta statt. Die Gedenktafel, deren Author der Bildhauer Vratislav Varmuža ist, befindet sich der Nähe der St.-Anna-Kirche (im rechten Teil, vom Eingang aus gesehen). Photos are added to the Gallery.
with the month of June, I found time to make a few additions to the discography:

1. SP plate from 1969 (Discant)
2. co-participation on the album of the group Fleret in 2000 (thanks to Mr. Pavlík)
3. contents of the 1991 Promotional Cassette
4. ...and finally, the NEWLY released Wallachian popular album My zme Valaši (2014)

It is point 4 that is the culmination of a long-term work started already in 2000 with the selection of dad, which my brother and I refined into the form in which it is now published in the Indies Happy Trails edition. The selection of songs that can be considered "popular" due to their popularity (such as Beskyde, Beskyde, etc.) is intended for the general public. For everyone who likes to sing a folk song - whether at home in the family circle or when celebrating anything. For this reason, we chose to cooperate with the publishing house Indies Happy Trail, which has a distribution network so that people can access this CD throughout the Czech Republic. We believe that it will please... to sing, to dance and to have fun....
Dear and Dear,
on today's anniversary of Jan Rokyta's 76th birthday, the following changes were made to the website:

- finally added photos from the Carpathian Epilogue concert (2013) - History
section - there has been a permanent reduction in the prices of some carriers in the e-shop with a view to clearing the last items in stock + possible preparation for new ones (?)
- added new DVD title: (To) Jan Rokyt from Jasenná (recording of a concert in Rožnov p.R. on the occasion of the awarding of an honorary occassion to his native Jasenná
- publication of the article "About funded fandom" - interview of Dušan Holé with Jan Rokyta

I repeat my challenge - I would welcome additions to the gallery of photos, ev. of another document from the history of the band.

P. Rokyta wishes you a nice spring
We received sad news. Jiří Jagoš passed away on March 28, 2014 at the premature age of 78. The farewell took place in a close family circle.
We received the sad news that on 22/12/2013 at the age of 79, Ing. Josef Brieda CSc., friend and long-time member of TECHNIK Ostrava. The farewell will be held on 28.12. in Kyjov. We remember.
Thanks to M. Janošek, the Discography has been supplemented with a cassette released in 1978. If you find a record or cassette at home that is missing from the list - please contact me. P. Rokyta
Thank you to everyone who attended our concert! Basically, thanks to you - our supporters and fans - this concert was possible and the commemorative CD Carpathian Epilogue is also dedicated to you.

Inserted the contents and basic data of the band's 1991 promotional tape.
After settlement of all costs associated with the Memorial Concert HUDBA PRAVDY, dedicated to the personality of Jan Rokyta held on 27/09/2012, the remaining amount was 10,767 CZK. Thanks to all contributors.
The proceeds will be used to build a commemorative plaque in the Rožnov open-air museum next year.
For all those who could not attend, but also for those who want to experience the atmosphere of the concert one more time, the recording will be broadcast in the following media and times:

Television ČT2 - Folklorní magazín - Saturday 27.10.2012 at 8:50-9:30

Radio Ostrava and Brno = Sunday 28 October 2012 18:05-19:00
Photos from the Music of Truth concert, which took place as part of the Strážnice 2012 IFF in St. Martin's Church, were added to the History section. Photos can be found HERE. Coincidentally, it was the last public concert of Technik music with Jan Rokyta.
Thank you to everyone who came and reminisced.
The proceeds from the voluntary entrance fee and its use will be announced after the total billing.
Following the funeral announcement, we invite you to a memorial concert entitled MUSIC OF TRUTH, dedicated to the personality of Jan Rokyta.

Date and time: 27/09/2012 at 19:00
Place: Church of the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church in Ostrava

I am adding a few organizational instructions.

1. The church will be open to the public at 18:00
at the earliest
2. There will be a Condolence Book

3. Parking nearby
- there is very complicated parking around the church - resident parking zone, absence of public parking
- I recommend finding a suitable parking space, e.g. here http://www.mapy.cz/s/50ab

4. The voluntary entrance fee will be used to cover the necessary costs associated with the concert and to promote the work and spread the artistic legacy of Jan Rokyta

Thank you for your verbal and written condolences. We appreciate that you respected our wishes and allowed us a dignified farewell in a close circle.

Available documents:

Part 2
Dear fans of folk music and folklore,
We are deeply saddened to announce that on July 22, 2012, our beloved father Jan Rokyta, musician and folklorist, left us suddenly. Most of you have surely not missed the Internet messages in which some servers already on 23.7. announced the date and hour of the last farewell to our father.

Due to the planned nature of the ceremony and the capacity of the church in Jasenná, we feel the need to put things in perspective:

At the express wish of the family, the last farewell to Jan Rokyta in Jasenná is intended only for a close family circle, Jan Rokyta's closest friends and residents of his native village Jasenná. We therefore ask all supporters who did not receive a parte to respect this decision and consider their participation in the last farewell in Jasenná on 27.7.2012.

At the same time, we would like to invite a wide folklore community to a memorial concert for the personality of Jan Rokyta under the name "MUSIC OF TRUTH", where we will honor his memory together. The concert will take place in September 2012 in Ostrava and we will inform you about further details in the near future.
Thank you for your understanding

Jan and Pavel Rokyta, sons
It is with regret in our hearts that we inform you that at the age of 75, on 22.7. In 2012, the beloved husband, father and grandfather Jan Rokyta suddenly left. A grieving family.
The Wallachian Open Air Museum together with the municipality of Jasenná organizes a concert dedicated to Jan Rokyt on the occasion of the transfer of honorary citizenship of his native municipality of Jasenná. Details can be found in the following invitation.
We received the sad news that Alois Stašek - a long-time cellist and our friend - has gone to the musician's heaven. We remember.
Nice day, it's time to get out of the musical illegality again. Two concerts will take place on 30.4. and 1.5. under the title Music of Truth. Invitations can be found HERE and HERE.
We are saddened to receive the news that our dear friend, singer Luboš Holý (80) - a mining hero, has gone to the musician's heaven. Memorial video: Luboš Holý and CM Technik 1998
Congratulations to Jožek Laž on his 70th birthday!
On September 24, 2009 at 10:35 a.m., a repeat of the entertaining program Podvečer pri živáňská will be broadcast on ČT1, in which the trio Horníček-Lasica-Satinský excels, accompanied by the music of Technik and their soloists. I believe that you will enjoy the glimpse into recent history (the picture is from 1970) in the environment of the Rožnovské open-air museum.
It is with regret in our hearts that we announce that on September 7, 2009, our long-time friend and cello player Jiljí Dybal, who was active in TECHNIK music until the mid-90s, left us forever. The funeral takes place on 11.9. at 3 p.m. in Studénka.
Added photos to the History section - Jarmila Šuláková's 80th birthday concert. LINK HERE
Added mp3 samples for CD Journeys and returns - see Discography.
Again, thanks to Jan Hališek, photos have been added to the History section - 1961 trip to France, Poitiers LINK HERE
Thanks to Jan Hališek, photos added to the History section - 1961 music visit in the Lusatian Serbian enclave of the former GDR - Budyšín (Bautzen). LINK HERE
Added mp3 samples for the CD Na zdraví Vaše - Josef Laža kopuletý (1999).
You can order the book about Jan Rokyt (With a song about the world - talking about everything possible) in the e-shop of the publisher Repronis: LINK
Photos from the Technik 50 concert added. Photos from 29/11/2008 - from the morning exam (exam) and also from the evening concert were added to the history section.
Thank you to everyone who came to our annual concert. Your applause was our greatest reward. Thanks also go to all the performers, music and everyone who actively helped make this concert happen. It's behind us and life goes on...

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